Music Buying Guide

As promised, here is the Clubbers Guide "Music Buying Guide." While it is not complete, this is a listing of the essentials. Have any more? Feel free to share the wealth.

Digital Downloads

Lots of independent artists.

Lots of major dance labels and independents. Some exclusives not available at any other digital or actual store.

Lots of independents and some major ones.

iTunes (Download the software program first)
Some of the major dance labels' stuff, some independent.

Lots of major and independent stuff. Not everything available on CD is available for digital download.

Lots of independent and some major stuff.

Lots of major European and U.S. dance label stuff unavailable elsewhere.

Some of the major dance labels' stuff, some independent.

Online Stores

Lots of import and domestic CD singles, albums and compilations. Some obscure and out of print ones (through the Used section). Some vinyl too.

Lots of major and independent dance label stuff on vinyl. Some CDs also. The selection of bootlegs and mashups are really worth checking out.

Lots of exclusive CD singles, compilations and albums unavailable in regular stores or elsewhere. Special CD singles and albums directly from the labels are made available here. Some releases of singles are very limited and can happen at any time, so it is important to check often and buy quickly! Some CD singles are made available as digital downloads later on. They have some vinyl, but very little.

Vital Vinyl
Lots of underground vinyl releases. Decent hip hop selection. A few CDs every so often.

Record Labels With Digital Stores

Star 69
All previously released singles plus some rare and unreleased stuff is available. Occasional early releases of forthcoming singles are a real plus. Exclusive limited run compilations and albums every so often.

Features all previously released singles, albums and compilations.


A very special announcement...

To the readers of this blog,

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for reading the blog and checking back regularly for the updates. Don't worry. This blog is continuing. However, the focus will be changing a bit.

Based on the feedback I have received, many have been frustrated with the fact that much of what has been reviewed/discussed previously was unavailable for purchase as much of it was only available on promos, and generally not available to the public. This will be changing very soon.

After this, all reviews published here at The Clubbers Guide To Dance will only be of music that can be purchased, whether online, or through an actual store. It is important that we continue to support the artists and labels that we love so that they are able to keep making music.

The official re-launch of The Clubbers Guide will happen on June 1, 2007, beginning with a guide on where to purchase and download the hottest dance music legally. And continuing with the Remixer of The Week feature, Peter Rauhofer is the next one who will be profiled.

Disco Cowboy


Remixer Of The Week - Junior Vasquez

Starting this week, one remixer/DJ will be chosen and then their best mixes from their entire body of work, to date will be ranked by me. :-)

It would be most appropriate to begin with a DJ who has made his mark on clubland ever since he came onto the scene in the 80's. Whether it be with his editing with the legendary Shep Pettibone, or remixing or producing or writing, Junior Vasquez has always been revolutionary and original. Has remixed many, many songs. Many hundreds if not thousands. While many mixers have come and gone, Junior has remained on top and in much demand.

Here are some of his remix highlights* of his remixing career:

Pre-Sound Factory

Ellis D -My Loleatta
Janet Jackson - State Of The World
Paul Lekakis - My House
Prince - Thieves In The Temple

Sound Factory
Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms
Junior Vasquez Get Your Hands Off Of My Man
Junior Vasquez - Nervaas
Junior Vasquez - X
Ké - Strange World
Kristine W. - Feel What You Want
Lectroluv - Dream Drums
Livin' Joy - Dreamer
Madonna - Bedtime Story
Madonna - Secret
Vernessa Mitchell - Reap (What You Sow)

Cher - One By One
Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls
Madonna - You'll See

Cher - Paradise Is Here
Deborah Cox - Who Do You Love
Deep Forest & Peter Gabriel - While The Earth Sleeps
Dolly Parton - Peace Train
Elton John - Rocketman
Everything But The Girl - Missing
Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up
k.d. lang - Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls
Kevin Aviance - Cunty
Madonna - Crazy For You
Skunk Anansie - Brazen (Weep)
Wes - Awa Awa
Whitney Houston - Step By Step

Catapila - Void (I Need You)
Charlotte - Skin
Hypertrophy - Beautiful Day
Kylie Minogue - Too Far
Lisa Stansfield - Never Gonna Fall
Macy Gray - I Try
Mariah Carey - Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely
Mary J. Blige - Your Child
Ministers De La Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown - Believe
Sade - By Your Side
Vernessa Mitchell - This Joy

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Funky Green Dogs - Rise Up
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River
Lamya - Empires
Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird
Rosabel featuring Jennifer Holliday - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
Vivian Green - Emotional Rollercoaster

Amuka - Craving
Beyonce - Crazy In Love
Britney Spears - Breathe On Me
Britney Spears - Toxic
Ceevox - Music Is My Life
Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Darren Hayes - So Beautiful
Deborah Cox - Easy As Life
Emmy Rossum & Gerard Butler - The Phantom Of The Opera
Jason Walker - No More
Kelis - Milkshake
Maroon 5 - This Love
Mary J. Blige - Your Weeping Child
Vernessa Mitchell - Love Will Find A Way
Vivian Green - Cursed

* Note: Only a select number of mixes from each of the various eras were chosen as there were so many mixes done that were considered exceptional that this list could go on and on. :-)

Your favorite mixes not listed above? Please feel free to list what your favorite mixes from the various eras were.

Sunshine Anderson - Force Of Nature

This is the 2nd single off of her recently released album Sunshine After Midnight. While her songs have not taken off on radio, her label is opting to promote her in the clubs where she has had success.

DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious take the slow and seductive original and rewerk it for the clubs. They keep all vocals this time around. The mix is not as dark as some of their recent offerings, however, this one is very in-between and will fit in with a variety of sets. The twisted synth loop and some of the pianos under the verses bear resemblance to Gabriel & Dresden's remix of "Save My Soul" by Kristine W. Intentional or not, it works very well.

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

The main version of this song is actually quite dancey. It has the feel of a nice hipster disco song. A simple extended mix of the original would have made this song club-ready. However, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero did remixes. His mixes are more dub-like and have fewer vocals. The instrumental production is really energetic and synthy. It goes away from the light, airy production of the original. These are cool though. There's a club, dubstramental and radio edit.

On the unofficial tip, there's mixes by Ranny. He takes an unexpected departure with the sound he chose for the mixes. It's not his usual tribal/circuit fare. It's more in line with light original. Not that light though. His Sunset mixes are quite noteworthy and are worth checking out.

Casey Stratton - House Of Jupiter

This song was a pretty big hit in clubland a few years ago with Junior Vasquez's fantastic remixes. This one has been updated by rising star Peter Bailey. His mix is very synthy and uplifting. It gets to be a bit repetitive in places, but in the context of a club, this will be a floorfiller once the clubbers realize what they are listening to. While Junior's mixes are still where its at, this one is a very good alternate.

Tracey Thorn - Raise The Roof

"Raise The Roof" is the second single off of her Out Of The Woods album. Cagedbaby's remixes of this give this an 80's pop/underground feel. The bassline and synth elements bear resemblance to a Eurythmics type of song. The bassline actually sounds similar in places to their song "Love Is A Stranger." And the vocal effects really make Tracey's ethereal vocals sound even more like Annie Lennox's. Not a bad thing. It's perfect. This is a nice Summery kind of song.


Ron Perkov - Live Luv Dance

No stranger to the circuit scene is Ron Perkov who has been recording for over a decade now. While he has only had a handful of songs over the years, the few he has had made a lasting impression. And this new one is no different.

This hands-in-the-air, sing along, feelgood club anthem will be packing floors for months to come and could easily be this years Pride-defining song.

Tony Moran's main mix of this packs the most punch. It features soaring synths and fierce tribal beats. Ron's smooth vocals take center stage after the incredible build. The chorus is so simple and catchy that it would not be unusual for clubbers to be singing along and knowing all the words after just a few minutes.

There's additional mixes by Dave Pezza, Ray Roc, Peter Presta, Valentin and RadioKillaz. The mixes can be purchased from here: http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/electro/track/308696.html.

With the proper edit, Tony's mix could also work well on Dance radio.

Lady Sovereign - Those Were The Days

Critically acclaimed UK-based rapper Lady Sovereign has been really doing well in the clubs with the hot remixes she has gotten for her songs.

Digital Dog provides a really fresh, driving electro set of mixes for "Those Were The Days." The vocals are really sped up and almost unintelligible if you are not familiar with the song in its original mix. However, it works really well. A dub version of this would really do the trick.

Kat DeLuna - Whine Up

This is a hot new dance-leaning hip hop track that is slowly beginning to burn up the airwaves. This is already a favorite by radio programmers and fans.

Upon first listen, this one has a similar sound as those club bangers Sean Paul has been releasing for the last couple of years. Kat's hypnotic vocals beckon you to come to the dancefloor and "whine up."

This one will be everywhere very soon.